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Making the decision to go solar in your home is the first step to reducing your family’s carbon footprint and eliminating your electric bill! Working with a reputable solar contractor is absolutely vital to ensure you find the solar panel module that is best for your individual needs.

The first thing you must do if you are considering having a solar panel system put into your residence is to determine how many solar panels you will need. Step one in this process is to determine how many KiloWatt Hours your household uses on an average daily basis. You can generally find your monthly kWh on your electric bill, but if you cannot, simply call your electric company. Once you have the number, divide it by thirty, and the resulting number is your average daily kWh. This will determine the number of solar panels you will need to take care of all your energy needs, as the resulting number usually corresponds with the appropriate number of panels.

After you have determined what you need, you will work with your South Florida Solar Power Contractor: Big Orange Solar to choose the module that works for you. Residential solar panels are generally mounted on the rooftop or on the ground. While the roof mounted systems are more common, they require a large amount of roof space that catches the sunlight appropriately. Mounted solar panel modules are preferable for homes with a smaller roof, or in instances where the roof is heavily shaded. Mounted solar panels can be aimed precisely where you want them to go, they have far less limitations on their size.   

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